Even after three plus decades now living in the US, when I do travel back to Canada, I find myself slipping back in to the mother tongue.  Thought I’d compile some of the Canadianisms – the words, phrases and mannerisms I find myself reverting to.

1. Eh?: Add at the end of your sentence as a friendly short-cut for “don’t you agree?”

2. Pop: Don’t say “soda” or you’ll find yourself with a glass of carbonated water. “Pop” refers to the bubbly soft drinks.

3. Queue: A line of people.

4.  Poutine:  A dish of fries + gravy + curd cheese

5. Zed: the last letter of the alphabet (Z) 

6. Serviette:  a napkin

7. Toque:  Pronounced “took” is a knitted winter cap.

8. Hydro: electricity




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